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Welcome at nC Group of Companies

Headquartered in The Netherlands and Singapore.

nC Group of Companies are specialists in enhancing, changing, adding or renewing material surface behaviour and quality.

We do that in the fields of maritime, industry and construction.

We do that since 2005.

With distributors in 9 other countries in the world

We develop, formulate, produce, distribute, sell and applicate our own products, partner products or customer made products.

We do that by combining traditional or forgotten technologies with the latest surface, nano or sol-gel technologies.

Our products are high quality, long life time cycle solutions aiming for fast return on investments.

Our products always are developed with benefits for People, Planet and Profit in mind.

Our products can be applied ourselves or through our network of certified applicators.

By using our techniques, our solutions, our products,

YOU will experience less cost, lower downtime, less use of materials, more safety, cleaner working

and an improved bottom line.


 Our Markets

Surface technology and applications specifically developed for maritime issues and nautic environments. For a sustainable and profitable maritime industry.

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Surface technology and applications specifically developed for industrial issues and construction environments. Reliable and proven technology for production, public or landscaping areas.

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 Our Series

A series of airpurifying and selfcleaning coatings. Removes organic pollution, bacteria, viruses, odour, stains and more under influence of light. Permanently. Full transparent.

A series of sprayable thermal insulating coatings. With CUI preventing, safe-touch, acoustic or fireproof characteristics in 2mm up to 20mm thickness.

A series of sealants, top class in the areas of abrasion protection, anti-stick, colour restoration, dirt and moist repellance and gloss protection. Extreme thin coats.

Series of corrosion passivating techiques. With versions that float, that can be applied on wet surfaces or do not need surface preparation nor blasting.

 News & Events

12th September 2019

Study on E171 toxicity and call on decision-makers to support the French ban on unnecessary food additive - Not carcinogenic, but don't put it in food. In May 2019, France announced that it will ban the use of TiO2 in food beginning on January 1, 2020. The discussion surrounding TiO2 has been building since the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) committee published an opinion on the classification and labeling of TiO2 (not carginogenic). There have been calls from industry to first complete and consider an impact assessment and from civil society organizations to support the French ban.

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