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About nC Group of Companies

nC Group of Companies is an organization that offers a smart, future oriented solution catalogue of surface enhancing coatings and additives for structures and assets in the maritime, manufacturing and construction industries, as well as for public and private real estate and their maintenance contractors. Why? We want to change things and help you in achieving your goals:

IMPROVE the air-quality in your homes, on your work and in the places where we shop and recreate.

CONTRIBUTE to the cleanliness for your people and animals without repeating cost or use of environmental unjustifiable products

IMPROVE on safety during work and living

PREVENT your assets and constructions from polluting and corroding

RESTORE the value of your history, present and future

CREATE engagement, happiness and motivation to work for you

BENEFIT from less cost, less danger, more health and more time and more value.

The nC Group of Companies vision, the concept, facilitates both nanotechnology products as well as traditional biomimetics. Tools for you to improve operational, technological, social and financial aspects of city, corporate or private maintenance and development. While establishing new possibilities, nC can create new revenue streams for current and new owners and service providers in order to create a more sustainable, innovative and liveable environment for all. 


The mission of nC Group of Companies is the deployment of incredibly easy-to-implement solutions for cities, towns, villages and rural environments. Therefore, our contribution is a smart, future-oriented service add-on for citizens, public civil servants, companies, public works and their existing systems. 

In short: YOU.

Starting in 2005 as a developer of bio solutions for maintenance products, the small company starts to build the knowledge-base of niche surface technology the nC Group of Companies is today. The investigation and exploration of different angles and approaches in techniques and in customer demand eventually lead to the founding of nC as a brand in 2014.

Firstly, a portfolio of cutting-edge technology, that a number of specialist manufacurers offers us during the early days is developing into a powerful mix of mechanical maintenance solutions. Contributing to projects where they supply nanotech lubricants, fuel and oil additives, dry-film lubricants and active cleaners, the founders are able to build a company that is here to stay.  

Also the path of particle- and nanotechnology is out there to explore. What minerals are fit as a contributing particle? What quality is each individual mineral able to deliver? Which manufacturers of particles are out there that can not only produce particles, but can also shape them? Who can make carriers, binders and resins to transport particles into materials and their surfaces? How do you activate the particles once they are in place? Can we bond particles chemically, or ionise them or maybe do we have to take the sol-gel road?

A lot of products are offered to the company for representation and distribution between 2005 and 2010. Besides lubricants and additives, also the world of coatings and formulations in corrosion passivation, thermal insulation, non-stick surfaces, self-cleaning and fire-proofing opens up. After experiencing a mix of successful and disastrous results, the founders decided to go their own way and do it themselves, leading to much more grip and much faster developments of products, hence positive results. Gradually the knowledge materializes into formulations, and the formulations materialize into products. It is by then 2013 that nC Surface Technology BV by means of its founder mr. Rob van Hoorn, and, with exactly the same development path and approach, the German company nanoCure GbR, decided to join forces and found the nC brand a year later. Today, mr. Ralf Baltrusch, founder of nanoCure Asia and living and working in East-Asia for more than 20 years and mr. Rob van Hoorn, founder of nC Surface Technology BV, form the core of the board of nC Group of Companies.

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