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With our main headquarters in The Netherlands and Singapore, nC Group of Companies has it's branches and representatives throughout the world. We are however not a generic parts store, selling products we know little about. We produce our own formulations and represent other brands in distributing them. Therefore, we understand Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Tribology. Consequently, we guarantee you will receive expert advice. Indeed we understand the what, why and how with regards to all the products we develop, sell and advise. Finally, we have a good understanding of the Industrial and Maritime world, their rules and regulations and of course the environment they work in.

If you have a challenge or want to make an improvement and want to have an exploratory discussion if we can be of help or have the solution for you, or want to know how one of our products would work out for you, please contact our engineering department:

If you want to make an appointment to discuss issues or possibilities on-site or through any form of video or audio-conferencing, want to know about possible volumes, stock, pricing or packaging, or want to talk to a local representative, please contact our office department:

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