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Distributors and nC Group of Companies

Each market has its own specifics. We know.

Our customer base include food manufacturers, farmers, shipping companies, senior homes, construction companies, installation companies, car garages, hotels, local authorities, airports, OEMs, oil and gas companies. windmill and solar farms, cleaning companies, hospitals and a forklift manufacturer. Sure we forgot a few. All different companies. The common denominator of these organizations is that they want to be delivered well in one go, both at the highest service level and at the quality level possible. First time right, fix-and-forget. This means we better know what we are talking about.

This is why ALL group members, from staff to territory branch to distributor and from manufacturer to free-lance chemist to applicator are experts. Experts in the fields of materials. Or in a specific industry. In craftsmanship. In surface technology. In health, safety and environment. And this is why our applicators are certified by a certifying body to work with nC brand material. So that if something special is wished for, something special will materialize. For the long run. 

Our Specialists 





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